Photo:  Denise Sfraga

Denise Sfraga

My recent work features forms that have come away from the edge of the canvas to float on their own. They are objects both known and unknown to me, having occurred spontaneously. Quite personal, and freed from some former constriction, these gestures express themselves as flying entities, weightless and yet held in place by their respective atmospheres. I am indebted to artists as varied as Elizabeth Murray, Philip Guston, Karen Davie, and Venetian masters like Giambattisa Tiepolo for inspiring an approach to painting that is based on a pursuit of the freshness that drawing implies. Painted wet-on-wet, my work has always been about gesture, and these figures perhaps more literally allude to the body, and the need to take a stand, as it were, in the swirling space around us.

— Anne Russinof, 2019


ANNE RUSSINOF lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Chicago, she is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received an MFA from Pratt Institute. Russinof has been a resident at the Yaddo and Millay Art Colonies, and is currently a member of American Abstract Artists. Her work is available at multiple online venues, and she recently completed a suite of etchings at VanDeb Editions. Her work has been view in shows in East Hampton, Brooklyn, NYC, and Italy over recent months.